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The Boxer Rebellion
Cold Still
(Absentee Recordings)

Step out of the car, inner-city action,
It’s already won, it’s already won
Charges bring a swarm to rumors of corruption,
It’s already war, it’s already war
And I’m looking for you, so surrender to me
In this storm, it’s hard to see
There’s a thin line between love and hate, love and hate
Step out of the car
Acts of desperation leave you in a mess, leave you in a mess

Διονύσης Τσονόπουλος

The Kills
Blood Pressures








Counting backwards

No.15 Young Galaxy “Shapeshifting
No.16 James Blake “James Blake
No.17 Atlas Sound “Parallax
Νο.18 Wild Beasts “Smother
No.19 Treefight For Sunlight “Treefight For Sunlight
No.20 Nicolas Jaar “Space Is Only Noise

Διονύσης Τσονόπουλος
No.14 Nicolas Jaar «Space Is The Only Noise»
No.15 Wilco “The Whole Love
No.16 Nalyssa Green “Barock
No.17 Thao & Mirah “Thao & Mirah
No.18 Danger Mouse & Daniele Lupi “Rome
No.19 James Blake “James Blake
Νο.20 Gang Of Four “Content“ 

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