All Gone

All Forgotten, All Blurred, All… Present

No.01 Jack Peñate / Jim James

Posted by gone4sure στο 20 Δεκεμβρίου 2019


No.01 Jack Peñate «After You» (November 2019, XL Recordings)

No 01

Κανένας. Κανένας δεν τραγουδάει τις ανάσες του όπως ο Jack Peñate.

Μετά από σας…

No.02 Fontaines D.C. «Dogrel» (April 2019, Partisan)

No.03 Bruce Springsteen «Western Stars» (June 2019, Columbia)

04. Jenny Lewis «On The Line» (March 2019, Warner Bros)

No.5 Murder Capital – When I Have Fears (August 2019, Human Season)

No.06 Jamila Woods «Legacy! Legacy!» (May 2019, Jagjaguwar)

No.07 Bazooka “Zero Hits” (January 2019, Inner Ear)

No.08 Aldous Harding «Designer» (April 2019, 4AD)

No.09 Le SuperHomard «Meadow Lane Park» (March 2019, Elefant)

No.10 Tindersticks «No Treasure But Hope» (November 2019, Lucky Dog / City Slang)

No.11 Sharon Van Etten «Remind Me Tomorrow» (January 2019, Jagjaguwar)

No.12 Hayden Thorpe «Diviner» (May 2019, Domino)

No.13 Toy «Happy In The Hollow» (January 2019, Tough Love)

No.14 Jessica Pratt «Quiet Signs» (February 2019, Mexican Summer)

No.15 Foals «Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1» (March 2019, Warner Bros.)

No.16 Billie Eilish «When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go» (March 2019, Interscope)

No.17 Piroshka «Brickbat» (February 2019, Bella Union)

No.18 Chickn «Bel Esprit» (October 2019, Inner Ear)

No.19 Anderson.Paak «Ventura» (July 2019, Aftermath Entertainment)

No.20 Cigarettes After Sex ‎ «Cry» (October 2019, Partisan)

2010 – 2019

No.01 Jim James ‎»Eternally Even» (December 2016, Capitol)

01 - Decade

Κανένας. Κανένας δε μουδιάζει τις μελωδίες όπως ο Jim James.

Αιώνια ισόπαλος

No.02 Beach House «Teen Dream» (January 2010, Sub Pop)

No.03 Atoms For Peace – Amok (February 2013, XL Recordings)

Νο.04 John Maus «We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves» (November 2011, Upset The Rhythm)

No.05. Sufjan Stevens «Carrie & Lowell» (March 2015, Asthmatic Kitty)

Νο.06 Tame Impala «Currents» (July 2015, Modular)

No.07 Caribou «Swim» (April 2010, City Slang)

No.08 XX «Coexist» (September 2012, Young Turks)

Νο.09 1975 «A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships» (November 2018, Dirty Hit / Polydor)

No.10 John Grant «Queen Of Denmark» (April 2010, Bella Union)

No.11 Washed Out «Within And Without» (July 2011, Sub Pop)

No.12 Wild Beasts «Present Tense» (February 2014, Domino)

No.13 Future Islands «Singles» (March 2014, 4AD)

Νο.14 Damon Albarn «Everyday Robots» (April 2014, Parlophone)

No.15 My Bloody Valentine “MBV” (February 2013, MBV)

Νο.16 Natalie Prass “Natalie Prass” (April 2015, Spacecomb)

Νο.17 Chet Faker «Thinking In Textures» (March 2012, Opulent)

Νο.18 P.J. Harvey «Let England Shake» (February 2011, Island)

No.19 LCD Soundsystem “American Dream” (September 2017, DFA)

No.20 War On Drugs ‎ «A Deeper Understanding» (August 2017, Atlantic)

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