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Posted by gone4sure στο 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2011


Still Corners
Creatures Of An Hour
(Sub Pop)

It’s like we’re going cuckoo
Me and you, stuck in a time machine
That was just a dream
Just go down
Just go down
I’d like to reach your mind
Can you hear mine
It’s also very cuckoo
Me and you
We never meant obsession
We should have high confessions
This feels so out of time
Walk and left behind.

Διονύσης Τσονόπουλος

Tom Waits
Bad As Me






Counting backwards

No.06 PJ Harvey «Let England Shake»
No.07 Metronomy “The English Riviera
No.08 Mayer Hawhorne “How Do You Do
No.09 John Maus “We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves
Νο.10 Penguin Prison “Penguin Prison
No.11 Antlers “Burst Apart
No.12 The Weeknd “House Of Balloons
No.13 The Boxer Rebellion “Cold Still
No.15 Young Galaxy “Shapeshifting
No.16 James Blake “James Blake
No.17 Atlas Sound “Parallax
Νο.18 Wild Beasts “Smother
No.19 Treefight For Sunlight “Treefight For Sunlight
No.20 Nicolas Jaar “Space Is Only Noise

Διονύσης Τσονόπουλος
No.06 White Hills «H-p1»
No.07 Bill Callahan “Apocalypse
No.08 Magazine “No Thyself
No.09 Washed Out “Within And Without
Νο.10 Jonathan Wilson “Gentle Spirit
No.11 Dirty Beaches “Badlands
No.12 She Keeps Bees “Dig On
No.13 The Kills “Blood Pressures
No.14 Nicolas Jaar “Space Is The Only Noise
No.15 Wilco “The Whole Love
No.16 Nalyssa Green “Barock
No.17 Thao & Mirah “Thao & Mirah
No.18 Danger Mouse & Daniele Lupi “Rome
No.19 James Blake “James Blake
Νο.20 Gang Of Four “Content“ 

Εδώ, ο α-ν-ε-λ-έ-η-τ-ο-ς σχολιασμός της φετινής blogovision.

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Και στο plus η φετινή σελίδα της blogovision, courtesy of Aggelos K, The Transistorer.

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